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Deer Park Operating Fund

Material support is vital for preserving teachings of the Buddha. The Sangha who follow the lifestyle prescribed by Buddha need facilities where they can gather to practice and teach, food, protection from the elements. They also need an appropriate environment away from the myriad distractions of worldly activities.

Deer Park Buddhist Center is a small Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on 13 acres of land in Oregon, Wisconsin. Established in 1976 by Venerable Geshe Lhundub Sopa, the monastery provides an ideal setting for monastics to practice and teach the Buddha Dharma. Deer Park Buddhist Center is not affiliated with any other organizations and does not receive funding from other organizations. Deer Park Buddhist Center relies exclusively on the kindness of individual donors for the necessary support to operate the monastery.   
The operating budget for the monastery is modest, and all donations are very carefully and conservatively managed in order to keep operating expenses as low as possible. Donations to the Deer Park Operating Fund enable the monastery to provide six full-time resident monks with food, basic necessities, transportation, and a small monthly stipend goes to each monk for their personal needs.
Donations to the operating budget are also used for many other recurring expenses which include:
  • Maintenance of the Main Temple building, including the service of elevator, fire sprinkler system and geothermal heating system

  • Maintenance and repairs of the main residence, the annex residence and the stupa on premise

  • Maintenance and repairs for two automobiles used by the monks for transportation, a small pickup truck for snow removal during the winter months, and lawn equipment to maintain the grounds

  • Providing weekly Dharma teaching events, annual activities, retreat programs and expenses of resident translator

  • Visas and travel expenses for guest teachers, translators and invited visitors for teaching programs

  • Insurance, electricity, propane, telephone and internet service

  • Computers, audio-visual materials and other equipment needed for archiving the teachings.   
These annual operating costs are funded by donations from friends and supporters of the Deer Park community who value the Tibetan Buddhist religion and cultural traditions. A number of donors have pledged to make regular monthly contributions to provide a measure of financial stability for Deer Park Buddhist Center.

Donations to the Deer Park Operating Fund are essential to enable the monks to live in accordance with their monastic commitments and remain free from business enterprise and profit making efforts to acquire resources. The Fund also enables the monastery to meet ongoing monthly expenses so that public teachings, pujas, celebrations and the annual summer courses can continue to be offered without interruption.

Deer Park Buddhist Center’s source of support comes from donors like you who have enabled the monastery to continue to operate without interruption since 1976 when it was founded.
If you would like to make your tax deductible contribution by check, please make your check payable to: “Deer Park Buddhist Center” and under memo please specify: “Deer Park Operating Fund” for allocation
to this specific endeavor.

Send to:
Deer Park Buddhist Center
Attention: Deer Park Operating Fund
4548 Schneider Drive
Oregon, Wisconsin 53575

Contributions can also be made online using credit card through PayPal.
The choice of one time contribution or ongoing monthly contribution is made possible through PayPal Service. If you wish to continue your donation as an automatic monthly pledge, please check the box by: “Make this Recurring (Monthly)” after you have entered your
“Donation Amount”.
Please click on the link below to be directed to PayPal.

Contribution to “Deer Park Operating Fund” by PayPal

We thank you for your continuous support.


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"How to Help"

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Deer Park Operating Fund.

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