Geshe Lhundup Jinpa
Biography of Geshe Lhundup Jinpa
Lhundup Jinpa was born in Shang Namling in the Tsang region of Tibet to parents who were farmers. After a few years at a local school, he withdrew to help his family tend to their animals.

Lhundup Jinpa became a monk in 1987 at Shang Ganden Chokor monastery.
That year, Geshe Lhundup Sopa visited Tibet, and it was from Geshe Sopa that he received his novice vows of ordination.

He stayed at Shang Ganden Chokor for 10 years, during which time he memorized 200 folios and gave his exam reflecting all he had taken to memory. Following that he started his studies of philosophy, although the ability to pursue deep study within Tibet was quite limited.

In 1997, he fled from Tibet with the hopes of pursuing deeper studies and having the opportunity to have audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In fleeing Tibet, he came through Nepal, stopping at Shang Ganden Chokor Monastery in Pokhara, thereby making an auspicious connection. He then arrived at Sera Je in southern India where he began his formal studies toward a Geshe degree.

While at Sera pursing his studies, beginning during his courses on Madhyamika continuing through the passing of his Geshe exam, he taught to younger students subjects of Collected Topics and so forth.
He successfully gave his Geshe Lharampa exam in 2019, 22 years after having first entered Sera Je. Following this, Geshe Jinpa went to Gyume Tantric College for a year of Tantric studies. Then at the request of Sera Je, he spent a year at Gangtok in Sikkhim serving the needs of the community.

In 2022 he moved to Ganden Chokor Monastery in Pokhara, Nepal where he served as a teacher for the younger monks.
He gave teachings both to the monastic and lay communities surrounding Shang Ganden Chokor until he joined the community here at Deer Park in April 2023.

We are fortunate to welcome Geshe Lhundup Jinpa here to Deer Park.
As a Geshe Lharampa and resident teacher ordained by Geshe Sopa, he will now help carry on the teaching tradition at Deer Park Buddhist Center.