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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Deer Park!

Please click on the Volunteer Skills Survey below.

After you complete the survey, your name and areas of experience will enter a data base. When there are projects related to your experience or for which there is a need for general help, you will be contacted through e-mail or telephone. Your interest and support is sincerely appreciated and needed as Deer Park grows. This survey and data base is an effort to bring more people within the Deer Park community into activities that will make Deer Park even better as a place of vibrancy, beauty and peace.

After completing the Volunteer Survey, we'll know what you like to do! Whenever there are projects related to your experience, we'll contact you through email or on the phone. Most importantly, if YOU are ready to help us and give your time, there are many general, short term projects to complete.

We know that sometimes it's not easy to be at Deer Park at a certain time, or on a certain requested work day. But we hope you still want to do what you can. So, YOU can volunteer your time when it is convenient for you as long as our coordinators work with you on the scheduling. In fact, many projects and tasks can be completed alone. Or, you can join other people and help with a bigger project.

We thank you in advance and hope you don't miss this opportunity to dedicate some time. This survey is an effort to bring more people into activities within the Deer Park community. Contributions come in all forms. When you share your skills and give your time, it's a wonderful contribution...for you and for others.

Volunteer Skills Survey